As the last note is played
and you consider the stalks
that are being beaten down
outside your window
and ponder the image in the mirror
as it comes crashing down
bond to be thrashed and tossed
maybe even toasted, chewed?
will it be strained enough to enter in
will the noise come crashing upon me
as the fairy tale, tells it
the sea of glass as
shimmering sea horses gleam in your eyes
your eyes– they are your eyes
they neither go nor run, they stay
as if for battle across the lands
will we eat the grasshopper, if asked
what will it taste like? will it bite me?
mixing of juices streaming from your mouth
but i want mine chocolate cover
you demand in your head
why cant mine be chocolate covered
with sprinkles?   nuts??
life is this way and that
try going one way and it chases you
running faster and look there, it just went past you
now how could that be,
you weren’t even flying a kite

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