cough cough -choo

all my progress was placed
in the lost or stolen box
as the train of eyes cross the sky
in puffs of clouds racing
for the chicken soup
and super tonic,
repelling the worst of bugs
piling high as if clearing the way
of some great flow
separating the follicles
to obtain air
two and a half weeks
and counting
all the money
going down the drain
as you flush one more time
fever and chill– holding hands
the cords drawn tight
makes the voice fight
to find noise, that’s just right
saddening the tone
that it will be alright
as you toss and turn –all night
going to work, could be
a loss of life for the other, i see
so the loss i will take  personally
and let the other live-for free
manna for the animals as
they start dropping out of sight
might just be a birth right

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