i would like to exhale on a fiddlers bow
tap dance on the king’s crown
perish in the fire, with you looking
some duck in aisle to hide from them
gathering of these could bring a storm
or a retreat to the golden horizontal ladders
looking up through the ripples
could prove displeasing to some
the buzz of the fly could be a maggot experience
eating of rice after this has it’s rewards
the poo on the shoe has a funny smell
the tea absorbing mold as the milk dips
not sure where to grip, could be an awful slip
bristles on the brush has a purpose-to set ready
the table for five, until she divides, taking half with her
the pear just had to stare because it didn’t have a mouth
and the grin run away with the loon - was the tune
without skipping stones we added three clones
the meter inside the beat, of an elephants seat
was far without compare, as the setting of the sun
thinking this might be fun, not sure if i care
some materials are meant to stretch
they moved there when thy heard
about the rainbow colored sticks
covered with hard words iced over with licks
the composting toilet has a job to smell
with plenty of blueberry wine to sell
the image in the mirror is very swell
stroking the cords of my hair
vibrating in time, as set on some sublime
enjoying the climb until i slipped on that dime
sending hurtles over under with the sty at the y
was not a lie, for it happened to die

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