A storm may rage in the world below,
   It may tear great trees apart;
But here on the mountain top, I know
   That it cannot touch my heart.
I have struggled up through the lightning’s glare,
   I have walked where the cliffs fell sheer
To a gorge below, but I breathed a prayer,
   And my soul passed doubt and fear!
Here on the mountain top the air
   Is clear as a silver song;
And the sun is warm on my unbound hair;
   And what though the way was long?
What though the way was steep and bleak,
   And what though the road was hard?
I stand at last on the mountain peak,
   With my eyes upraised to God!
A storm may sweep through the world below,
   It may rend great rocks apart;
But here on the crest of the world I know
   That it cannot touch my heart.
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