Here we go again, with the journal tid-bits. This one however, I left undated and loose, so I can't tell you when I wrote this, because I don't remember. But sometimes these are my momentary favorites.

Deep down I let go of the Idea of “Me”
Stepping back from the voice I find conciseness, free
I am the self, a partnership of separation
I am older than the testament and all of its preparations
I am a spiritual healer, I am a warrior
I am here to release the harvest…
…to release the flow of held growth
I am a painter; I’ll use every color the most,
And though it is not I, I will not deny the Ego
Because in this dimension wherever I go we go
And my sense of self control is starting to grow
I feel light emanating from within
  Like the sun reflecting off the snow
     I know that I am never alone


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over 5 years

thanks man, you might like my newest, or that one, a vibrant time.

over 5 years

Hey Den, just doing some catch up this one, my kind of theme with your unique

almost 6 years

felt that one... short in length but the power behind it is sweet :D

Cory Garcia
almost 6 years

Amazingly done... A litany of self awareness... :)

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