Ghostly lights suffuse the churchyard,
Old phantoms lurk nigh every stone
And the night wind gusts the barren trees
Above this hallowed loam.
There in prayer one silent sentinel stands
Beneath an August moon,
‘Tis a vigilant angel that spreads her wings
O’er a long forgotten tomb!
The wingéd sentinel broods o’er this crypt
With tears of great despair,
As toward Heaven she silently heralds forth
An everlasting prayer.
The wind conveys at night a muted voice
Suffering a realm of gloom,
For alas to die and then forever lie
In a long forgotten tomb!
A benumbing choir of crickets chirp;
A mournful black bird singeth from a tree
And the night wind brushes past mine ear
Its sorrowed songs to me;
Thence forever the silent sentinel stands
Amidst the nightly brume
And spreads her wings o’er the nameless soul
In a long forgotten tomb!


Death, Tragedy, Sorrow,

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almost 5 years

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