Fiery red carpets in the dawn of day,
Light as feathers and the rising air,
Hang high up in the luxurious sky.
Daughters of the sun clad in
Yellow chiffons,
Baring silky white calves,
Slender ankles, and rose covered feet,
Walk so lightly among the heated coals,
Weaving their way with blazing torches,
Dancing through the nocturnal clouds,
Clouds so beautiful as they glow in red,
Clouds so effervescent as they shimmer,
Clouds as they appear through poetic eyes,
As the glowing runs along the spine
And climbs into the heart so enthralled.
An ode to that glorious sun,
The weaver of those red carpets,
That luxurious beauty
That hangs up in the morning sky,
That ceiling floor walked upon
By the daughters of the sun.

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Robert L. Martin
presque 2 ans

Thanx Nelson.

Nelson D Reyes
presque 2 ans

Love it. Love that gorgeous neck as well!

Yes The Sun the sustainer of life.

A sunlight in the day
A moonbeam in the night
Twilight to twilight a fresh air
All the pleasure I need and want more of

Thanks Robert for the inspiration .

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