Come, thou Romeo of the salted earth,
Of mile high plateaus and steamy caves,
Of screaming palates and weakened knees,
Of bending statures and weeping pines.
I am a bride upon our eager wedding bed
With my chocolate thighs open for us,
With our tongues sweeping over our lips,
Savoring the sweetness that comes to be.
Our palates recite love poems of yore
That draw us into the maze of love and lust,
The ultimate seduction that won’t let go,
That squeeze us while we bleed the sonnets.
Chocolate and lust are lovers and saints
That take us to the fire and scorch or hearts.
We speed into the blaze and lose ourselves,
Wandering toward love’s sacred feast.
Chocolate and sex live in our nervous hearts,
Wrapping their tails around our minds,
Leading us to their lairs along velvet paths,
Blowing warm air into our bewildered ears.
M-m-m sweet chocolate, you naughty seductress,
You Siren on the seas, you succulent beast,
You juicy pleasure, you paradise of sex,
You den of iniquity, you enchanting witch,
You stunning sunset, you enthralling poem,
You Salome of yore, you mortal statue,
Keep me in your custody
And let me devour you
As you have devoured me.

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