Ice Covered Crystals
We sit in the clouds on cue
For meadows to shed their emerald skins
Choking on the night air that
Comes to be when life is old and tired
When gardens surrender to northern dominions
We march in majesty to autumn’s cooling
Its sad farewell to running rivulets
Its golden leaves that gild the hills
Too soon it comes about in time
While spirits rest in warming rendezvous
Time to dress for changing climes ahead
But isn’t life always on the move?
Complacency a dream that never wanders?
We summon the northern skies
Waiting for the time to move on ahead
We shall be ice covered crystals
And shall descend in full glory
And kiss the cold tundra
Down below when ready

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Cory Garcia
Environ 6 ans


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Cory Garcia

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