Musical Stories
With melodious seductions and tenacious tentacles
As troubadours roam chanting symphonious canticles
A stirring melody that wanders up, over, and through
Deep mysteries of unknown sources, a witch’s brew
Suffusing the soul with moods and moving pictures
Playing with the heart with random conjectures
Putting me into stories that I cannot escape
Filling me with pleasure, my mind left agape
I remember the day when she moved me into dreams  
A portrait of my life with so many themes
We danced through the night and so the night after
Our hearts were young, our spirits filled with laughter
Or the day of her funeral when my tears wouldn’t stop
When sad cellos fill my ears, they make my heart drop
Portraits of my life, conjured up through memories
Musical stories bring me back to open diaries
An ode to the persistent strong arms of music
But poetic and silken as they caress and stick
Moving me up to all things I can remember
From September through the days ‘til next September
An ode to all the beautiful stories that music told me
An ode to Musical Stories

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