Over the coals and through the woods
Went he, in the days of an enchanted fool.
When her skirts went up, so did he,
Drowning in her smiles and every move,
Entering her dreams when she slept,
Playing out his fantasies with her,
Casting his iron clad nets about her,
Chaining her to his pounding heart,
Stroking her white thighs,
Rubbing oil on her feet,
Placing her high and above him,
Swimming in her melancholy eyes,
Sleeping in her velvet arms,
Awakening in a lustful paradise
Of heaving flesh and sumptuous valleys,
Touching her skin all day through,
Feeling her heart in his nervous fingers,
Building barriers around for her protection;
No one to come close but he,
While chanting her name forever,
Forever in a lifetime and thereafter.
But he, in the days of an enchanted fool,
As love dragged him over the coals,
She laughed at his head
Bounding up and down,
The way his smiles turned to fear,
The way he followed her around,
Never to lose sight of her,
The way he threw himself at her feet,
The way he cried
When she turned him away,
But not the way he
Took her down inside the
Cold, cold earth with him.

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

Love has many faces and phases. Full, half full and empty. But always it tends to seek its own level like water. And like water it can evaporate, boil or freeze. And boil spattering hot!

Like. Thanks Robert.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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