Random Dispersals

Beneath the infernal pits,
the hell hole in the unfathomable,
the seed of evil germinating
in unholy gardens,
an imminent breaking through
the rancid fertile soil,
a nurturing by the blackened sun,
and the reddened rain,
a falling of the blood of the angels,
a rising of the devil’s fruit,
emergent apocalyptic weapons breaking out of their iron shells,
a poison looking for another poison,
an Adam looking for an Eve,
a devil looking for another devil,
looking for it’s propogation
and a random dispersal
of an unseen poison,
the devil’s spume
flying through the air
looking for a lonely host,
to dive down into his sweet lungs,
then be transmitted to
another lonely host
until humanity is down
on its knees
and the world
is at the devil’s feet.

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