Seahawks Win Again!

What a game last night!  Yes, miracles do happen.  The Seahawks are the Super Bowl Champions for the second time in a row.  Down 28 to 24 with 2 seconds to go in the game, Russell Wilson threw a last second desperation heave 60 yards down the field.  Robert L. Martin, between three Patriot defenders, flipped the ball in the air with his fingers, gathered it in his arms at the 20, somehow avoided being tackled, then ran into the end zone carrying two guys with him.  Seahawks win again!  Yea Seahawks!
After the game, the reporters asked him what he accredited his last second heroics to, and he said it was his teammates who won it.  If it weren’t for their cheering him on to cross the goal line, he couldn’t have done it.  Also, Pete Carroll is such a wonderful coach for giving him the opportunity to play in the game.
Yes, the Seahawks have found a new super star on the team by the name of Robert L. Martin.  If it weren’t for him, they would have had to settle for runners up.  Yes, they can look forward for a threepeat next year with Super Robert leading them on to another Super Bowl victory.  How can they lose with him on the team?  Three cheers for Robert L. Martin,  “Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.”

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Hurrah indeed! :)...nice poem/story

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