The Opening
When the music spoke to me in rhyme
When my spirit started its heavenly climb
To the summit, to the skies and beyond
Swaying to the unknown, to its magic wand
Harmonies of melting hearts opened my senses
Throwing myself into dreams with open fences
I’m bewildered, a child of exotic sound
Something outside wrapped the music around
It suffused my being, my senses on fire
It touched me proclaiming I do thee inspire
I’m heaven’s messenger come to work my magic
Over ancient paths with my eternal walking stick
I myself peeked at what heaven had to tell
Through the opening I climbed out of my shell
With dreamy thoughts to have and expand
My new found revelations to scatter over land
From the clouded memories my spirit so bound
I owe my success to the opening I found
Those glorious spaces where heaven abodes
Where cherubims dress in their red velvet robes
Took me through the opening up to the skies
My new spirit arose from its slumber

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