Those strong arms of Mother Nature
That pull you into the heat of life,
Those pulsations of the hungry heart
That drive you to the threshold of ecstasy,
Those sublime rhythms of the spirit
In cadence with the hooves of a stallion,
That race up and down the spine,
Settle into the heated coals of the groin.
Those riled up feelings about to explode,
Point you to the gates of your beloved,
Where life becomes an intoxication,
A losing of the self through the rites of lust,
A longing for the resurgence of life,
As Mother Nature works her wizardry
And smiles upon her loyal subjects.
Alas, those feelings work their way back.
The days of youth make their reappearance.
The re-acquaintance is an exhilarating event.
Time is not as cruel as it seems to be.
Mother Nature still has sympathetic eyes
And enough strength to move the spirit;
Although not as prominent, but yet credible.
She is a lady who will not abandon us
And will stay with us until
Death do us part.

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