Deep down inside our soul lie two internal wills, one controlled by God and the other reinvented by man.  God is the “full steam ahead one,” while man with his continual doubting, controls the other.  It’s as if man let the task ahead intimidate him, causing him to lose faith in what he sets out to accomplish.  If God has faith in mankind to achieve the improbable, why can’t mankind have enough faith in himself to achieve it?
That power bestowed within our soul gives us the spirit to break free from the chains that we bind ourselves with when we think the task ahead is too impossible to reach.  If we let God speak through us, we can submit to the power that he gave us; the power to move full steam ahead.  We are that intelligent, Herculean man, created by God, with the resources to reach our goals.  Why abuse his power within and give in to this “man controlled will” that doubts if we will ever achieve it?

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