Lady proper and lady wild,
at peace but not at peace,
at home with wayward thoughts,
inhibitions sunken in but
seeping out into the dark night,
a venture out into the wilderness,
a flight without any wings,
a floating with the summer breeze,
a dream of pleasure and fulfillment
to a land of the daughters of Sodom,
a letting loose of inhibitions,
a romp into the clouds of sanity,
a dive into the sea of ecstasy,
a rising of the skirts of gray,
an exposure of the devil’s red,
of glossy skin with magnetic eyes,
a moving toward the gates of pleasure,
a slide upon the oily river banks,
a thrilling ride to the
land of Gomorrah,
a maiden voyage to the home of feeling,
a sense beyond a sense pursued,
a new thrill dancing through the heart,
a surging of the rivers of blood
along the banks of crimson velvet
on the arrival of dreams fulfilled.
Oh lady proper
with your thoughts in flux,
with your skirts rising
and your glossy thighs
calling for a thrill,
aren’t you one amongst them all?

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