Without Faith

What I can’t see doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have faith in it.  I can’t see God, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t there.  I can’t see the Holy Spirit that’s within me, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.  If I have no faith in God and the Holy Spirit, I have no faith in myself, because they are a part of me and controlling my life.  If I have no faith in me, I am without faith at all, because everything I do and think is a result of how God created me to think.  
Since he created me, I am part of his plan to honor his faith in me.  By honoring it means to strive to make myself as much like him as I can in my life.   If I have faith in myself means that I know I’m capable of knowing more than I think I do.  That silent knowledge within me reveals more of itself to me each and every day.  If I help it along, it moves faster.  That silent knowledge is the mystery of the unknown that moved within me without my knowing it. Thanks be to God.

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