Thank God for his will that he planted in our beings.  It is the source of all motivation.  When our soul seems to us to be empty, it is abounding with words to be found, music to be sung, and thoughts to be expounded upon.  After all, it is universal intelligence that inhabits our sub-conscious, our God-self that is there whether we know it or not.
We touch that superfluous source of knowledge through meditation, our avenue to the unknown.  No matter how simple we are, we have these revelations impatiently waiting to be discovered.  It all depends on our evaluation of ourselves, whether or not we are capable of finding this intelligence within us.
When our minds seem to be empty, it is our fault for believing it.  We need to lift our heads high, motivate ourselves to find God’s spiritual motivation that pushes us toward the unknown, and let it lead us out of our unbelief.  When we strive to fulfill his will in us, we are on the road to prosperity.  We are all better than we think we are.

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