Hear ye, hear ye!  World peace is here at last!  Every soul on Earth has no more uneasiness in his system that has to be let out in one way or another.  The whole world has calmed down.  Not one soul is left to provoke another one’s spirit.

All of Planet Earth’s inhabitants have been cloned from one peaceful, impassive, common source.  Now they all look and think alike.  There are no wars, no art, no philosophers, no passion, and nothing but the obligation to stay in one’s natural pattern of activity.  There is no stimulation to take anyone away from his commonplace.

Everyone smiles because it is a sign of peace, but not because they are happy.  Happiness and anger are manifestations of feelings, that war-like sensation that riles up the ordinary.

Peace is a joyful private contentment that emanates from a pure exalted emotion.  Its only desire is not to desire anything.  It doesn’t rely on any outside stimulus to thrive in.  It is alone as it smiles with the stillness and the beauty in all living things.

When every inhabitant of the Earth has this contentment in their own hearts; then we will have world peace.  Like a pebble cast into a pond, it only takes one agitator to cause a ripple in a calm and peaceful body of water.

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Nelson D Reyes
plus de 2 ans

Like. Thanks Robert. A toast to peace...to all its forms! Cheers!

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Nelson D Reyes

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