Faceless anger inherits my soul,
As morning come into full bloom,
My boats of confusion in full blast,
For what I think I know,
Is nothing but racing cars of thought,
Moving much much too fast,
Silver studded daisies inherit my eyes,
As the morning comes into full bloom,
My horses of bewilderment and fate,
Ride so silently, for what I think I know,
Is nothing but steeds dancing freely,
And the time continues to get so so late,
Purple posed velvet dreams,
Inherit my sleep and conquer my dreams,
Oh how beautiful sleep is until upon waking,
My eyes colliding head on by stuff,
For what I know is nothing,
But the beauty which is constantly shaking,
And as I go now, with fists unclenched,
I cannot remember what brought me here,
I cannot for the life of me recall,
Why the anger existed at all,
Like a pale and unsought war upon my soul,
While peace fills me with fingers all too cold...

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más de 5 años

Excellent wording, it has an even cadence to it that falls gently as its read aloud. I only give praise because my critique means nothing; nothing bad about it to say in any case. Well done!

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