They have gone through all the motions and emotions to get to this point.all is prepared for their amazing day, its just about time for the wedding to start. the groom fearful that everything is going to go as planned, will his bride be there on time, oh no will she even pitch.

His hands are sweating his heart is racing, in anticipation, he hears from the best man there is a delay as the future wife is still preparing to look lovely and delightful on her special day as she marries the man of her dreams.

As the classical music is playing in the background you hear cheerful chatter about how this cute couple met, then finally after a half an hour wait you see the sparkling classical Mercedes Benz drive into the parking lot, the mans heart is beating, hands still sweating he is feeling his brow wetting.

But still waiting in anticipation excitedly he waits he is fearful but he knows he has made the best choice in his life, he is joyful. as she walks into the hall all eyes are on her, her slim figure in that sparkling white dress with all Swarovski Crystals sowed into it just in the right places to make her dress shine.

As she walks down the isle he remembers why he fell in love with her, her loving soft eyes green eyes, how they would peer into each others eyes, her beautiful brown curly locks which have been straightened for the wedding, her kind personality which would catch him by suprise at times, her funny humor and how she could talk through just her eyes without saying a word.

She is now beside him in front of the marriage officer, they both excited, she is blushing as people see her at her special moment, as they say there vows he looks deep into her eyes and even forgets what he was saying not because he is fearful but because he is joyful with his dearest, when he looks in her eyes the whole world just stops and has to wait for a minute.
Its time to place her wedding ring on her finger, he is trembling as he does this, the excitement has his nervous system shaking, he just cant wait to go on with his life with her by his side, knowing that they will sort out anything that comes their way together the way it should be.just before he kisses her, he thanks her for being his world now they can grow together two worlds becoming one.


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