I am exiled from my own believes
I grew up far away from my creed
No peace No pace No place
I find for myself none of these
Reality strike, I want to hide
And let go of this turf
Let me hibernate in cozy fluff
Who created it lets not indulge in it
What catches attention is the present state
Traumatic experience of sudden change
dilutes all notions;
It breaks one step by step
Rebuilds so to say;
deconstruction that does destroy
shakes and paves
A blaze that culminates a new gaze.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

Thank you for liking my poetry, Saba. I like this poem very much. I think it has to do with falling in love? Is that right? It is very deep. I love poetry that is deep and makes you think. (thought provoking)


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