Pain is the rain
So don’t worry
Ya’ll get yo’ beautiful life
Again and again ;
It fell into me,
It batter’d me,
It stabb’d me,
It screw’d me and
E’en it tried to slay’d me
But I overcome it,
Just by closing my eyes
And I convert’d them
Into the beautiful verses;
Now, Into you
It might fall
But do remember
“Only the rain
Can make corn tall”.
Let not the pain
Be the winner
Of the game.
You need to be the winner.
‘Cause you, yourself
Need to maneuver
The Ferrari of yo’ life.
ECZ||Wed 7 Jun 2017

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J Ann Crowder
alrededor de 3 años

Once again, I'm so glad you joined. I faved this one. You truly have so much inspirational phrases in this. The metaphors are beautiful.

Robert L. Martin
alrededor de 3 años

That is very good philosophy. You can overcome the pain by thinking of something else to take you away from it.

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