To every girl who's been pushed in love.

Love alert
Fallen and I can’t get up.
from this drink filled,
to the brim of my hefty cup.
He pushed me
and I let him,
Now sickly poisoned off the spirit of Bacardi venom,
The liquid, a mirror of my emotion.
Overfilling the cup, swirling the mixture in a circular motion,
Spreading through my gilded veins, using them as tunnels,
Bacardi spreading through my brain my mouth the hallow funnel.
Entrance, free.
Exit, costly.
I have fallen, freely
Gravity caving in,
Struck the ground at a cost,
Saw him waving in,
Rushed with no worry– I was saved.
Saved to get enslaved.
He pushed me.
The ground kissed me
the thin skin on my face– crispy,
Sliced like the organ that’s strictly  secured in a cave.
An organ with a curfew, with an on and off
A grotto, a museum, a historical figure.  
Not a playground, or toybox for his action figure,
Not a punching bag, for when hes furious.
Not an activity for when hes curious.
A priceless vase, not for your dirty paws.
I meant his. His dirty paws.
I clawed into my skin, trying to get him out from underneath.
He was suffocating, or better yet me.
I can’t breathe, I can’t stand
I have fallen, do you comprehend.
Fallen and I can’t get up
Blood and sweat on my shirt.
If only falling for a person
Came with love alert.


Heart break, love, hate, ex, boyfriend, girlfriend, sad,

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Cory Garcia
over 6 years

too many
like a dog on all fours
would take such a pendant
in their mouth
and hide it
to bury it
like their bone
never to be seen again
its an instinct
in their nature
never knowing
the pleasure of returning
the pendant
to its owner
so that she might give
again and again
the significance
of its true meaning
this dance
with your best friend
that fetching spirit
who caught your heart
time and time again
playfully and passionately
bringing it home
and after
each session of fun
after each adventure
the two of you
in each others arms

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