In midst of seasons
Raindrops will soon reveal
The mystery rhyme
Everything left in time
I still stand tall
Thinking of the road ahead
For I found the light
I’ve hungered for so long
But beyond it all, there’s still a mystery thrill
It’s in the way my thoughts recover
But my heart must still discover
Yet so unreal but still in direction
You’ve carried me through dreadful flowers
And yet you still comfort me with your sweet quintessence
I’ve learned the lessons, maybe more to come
Only time will tell
What words cannot define
As yet so unclear
I’ve come so far
You’ve tickled my mind since that day
The way my eyes use to concealed
Days went by
It was sealed
I’ve come to meet your inner self
The beauty you bring
The gentle words you hum
I don’t remember feeling this way ever
Uncertainty hangs in the air
Even though my heart needs
I will still see the part of your desires
Even though colours may fade
My heart still clings
To your mystery rhymes

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Sarana Conradie
over 4 years

Thank you

over 4 years

Thumbs up! Nice poem

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