Believe was not within me till a unknown soul presented it to me
Time is the road
Believing in you is my deep thoughts
A curious soul as me
Never thought I would believe
Never thought my road would adjust
You shuffle cards but you don’t see what I see
You shuffle cards but don’t see within yourself
You shuffle cards but deep down you block me
The queen of hearts is your desire
The Ace is your nightmare
The joker is your game
Your heart beats a rhythm which display the 10 of hearts
Your imagination play games and it reminds you of the 10 of clubs
Your soul crave but you hold back and it reveals the 10 of spades
You’re on the search for the 10 of diamonds like a boy who has lost hope.


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about 6 years

I will do so

Mario Pazo
about 6 years

Please check out my poetry as well.

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