He has a different approach
He introduce himself as the joker
He looks through my soul
His words reaps through my body like swords
He reveals the unknown to me
He sees fear behind my blue eyes
He sees a shattered smile behind my mask
He sees my concealed tears when no one else can
He sees pieces of photos torn apart in my thoughts
He sees my camouflage heart and insures me trust is his gift
He writes in a different light
He ensures me grieve is not a death sentence
He makes me curious when he speaks
He makes me smile when his craziness takes the lead
His lenient words takes me back to when I was a little girl
His story’s takes me back to my heart once merciful
His wittiness reminds me of my soul once free
He ensures me that I was never lost
A character so different but with a touch of pure & warmth


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