O that a chariot of cloud were mine!
Of cloud which the wild tempest weaves in air,
When the moon over the ocean’€™s line
Is spreading the locks of her bright gray hair.
O that a chariot of cloud were mine! 5
I would sail on the waves of the billowy wind
To the mountain peak and the rocky lake,
And the...

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Damon Campagna
over 3 years

I wish someone would delete that numeral "5" at the end of the fourth line
(O that a chariot of cloud were mine! 5). That's clearly left from OCD scanning the text out of a book and not proof-reading it. Almost every instance of this on the internet has that stupid "5" at the end of that line. To wit: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x29sjuw_percy-bysshe-shelley-o-that-a-chariot-of-cloud-were-mine_music


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