in saecula saeculorum

Sifting through a prudent sound
That pulses through the shifting sands;
Something lost and something found -
An ever-growing light expands.
Through an intuitional river,
I overheard a quiet pleading;
Reaching for a loaded quiver;
Retribution - lack exceeding.
Questions within a thousand eyes,
A severance of inner sight;
Protean fates in passing skies -
The rising day and falling night.
Frosted dyes on vast horizons;
Avian songs that fill the void;  
Solitude that ever wizens -
What is not real can be destroyed.
Dreams with figures of the past,
Journeys across the land and sea;
Seeking where the tides contrast
And bear their ceaseless coterie.
Recalling a precious state of mind
Amidst the tempestuous storm,
Erasing what can be defined
Beyond limitations of form.
I send in waves of silent thought
The glistening jewel of love unending
To answer what the spirit sought,
And rest within the all-extending.


peace, nonduality, love, spiritual, sight, light, knowledge, understanding, contrast, form, perception, wisdom, duality

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7 meses

The glistening jewel of love unending

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