To my Sister and Best Friend

A little girl danced to the rhythm of a song,
She pranced around and danced all day long.
She kept in mind her ambition and faith,
She taught me to dance and to keep that smile on my face.
When things got tough along the way,
The little girl told to me patiently wait.
I asked her what was I waiting for,
She said, “success, you’ll see, just dance some more.”
After long days in school, I began to doubt,
I wanted to scream and pull all my hair out.
But I continued to dance as the little girl said,
Then I realized all the answers were in my head.
I saw my grades at the end of the semester,
I danced like the little girl, she is my little sister.

I was inspired to write this poem during my sophomore year in college because my younger sister had made it to her senior year in high school. I was so proud of her when I found out that she was a Kairos leader at her school. The word Kairos is a Greek word that means the right time. Her senior class went on their Kairos, religious retreat, and she was chosen to be a leader. She has inspired me in so many ways because she was the sibling that brought home straight A's and that was always a goal for me. Although I am her big sister, she continues to make me proud and follow her dreams by working hard in everything she does. Now she is about to graduate and I am excited to see the wonderful things she will do in the future. She is the little girl that taught me to dance through my struggles and to never give up.

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