My wishes—for all their dreams,
I wish i could help, i wish i could cleanse
The frost on the glass and hope for them to drink
Not the stress but ease, and for them not
To laugh at me when I wish;
For its loss and more of their gain!
I wish for death to pass them by; for death
To spare my wish and forget them for now,
I wish for love; but love they get is minor,
I wish for silence; but crickets will never shut up,
I wish they smile; like women of little knowledge,
I wish for pain; but all sickness help them sail,
I wish for patience; like a tortoise with a shell of snail,
If my wishes comes true—i will but wish to live as
Their own after death.


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Julia W
almost 7 years

This is so good :)

almost 7 years

Wow! that really meant alot, thanks again cory

Cory Garcia
almost 7 years

wow brother... youve done it again :)
you are an amazing poet!

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