many writes poetry now,
many writes about life and they wish they
were not alive but when they hears a gunshot nearby
they run and leave their shoes behind.
many writes about love,
love is a bastard and am sure they are
not related with love but they thought
they know love.
many writes about friendship,
friendship is a son of a bitch without trust
and most of them have learned never to trust.
many writes about death,
death is the wages of sin and even
if they abstain from sin; one day they will
still die.
many writes about nature,
nature is a trick and he has learned
beyond death and they will never learn
beyond death.


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over 7 years

thank you for the comment duce and i think he's entitled to his opinion, if that is what he thinks then so be it.

over 7 years

I respectfully disagree with Herb, I think this is a brilliant piece. I think he simply misread the mood of the poem.Well done.-Duce

over 7 years

yeah nothing is greater than what you already know and what you might learn sometimes.

Barb Clarke
over 7 years

Your poem did make me think more, but it always comes down to things are always changing. What I think I knew changes and in the end we are always learning. Writers just express
their experience in different ways, this blog
is helping us all do that. It takes courage to
share and I am thankful for it all.

over 7 years

am not trying to discourage anyone, if writing is what they love doing, they should continue regardless of my poem.

Herb of 1,000 Words
over 7 years

This sort of sounds negative, like you're trying to discourage someone or something. You should focus more on writing about your life and experiences. It's still a decent poem overall.

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