Evil knows the dark disaster,
Hidden deep inside.
Through blinded eyes of fire,
Blood, is how she cried.
A rapture spun from poisened kisses,
deceitful from the start.
Shattered glass, a thousand peices,
stabbed within her heart...


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Ron Schlomann
alrededor de 5 años

Like it describes how hate is inside the cold hearted

Robert L. Martin
más de 5 años

passionate !!! Well written

más de 5 años

Very good, love it.

J. G. Hosey
más de 5 años

very well written

Leesaan Robertson
más de 5 años


King Author
casi 6 años

Great write

más de 6 años

Yep like this .(pieces)

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Cory Garcia lowercasemmmmmm King Author Kay Michael  Yeazel Chris Geran J. G. Hosey Ron Schlomann

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