You think it is fear you are drawing out.
But, continue to relentlessly corner me,
and you will realize fear is an unguarded defense in no doubt.
A mask seeking to deceive what you fail to see.
A prelude to the seething energy of my core.
Possessing the impulsive drive sought once before.
Mocking the ghost you have become to be.
Countering your inevitable design,
you cannot hold hostage what the stars align.
You have only clung to life’s last breath.
Beware of the rage taunting your death.
As you besiege me within the dark of night,
Your vision cannot adapt to the brightest light.
Spending your time in the void of greed,
you know only of impetuous, poisonous seed.
You refuse the sight of your victim’s cries,
alive in agony upon volcanic skies.
You don’t expect a fight from a weakened soul today,
adding nothingness to your endless sway.
Have you not yet learned who i am or why?
I am the one that survives high in the sky.
You will not take what you cannot find.
You exist a mere thought, faint in my mind.


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