Fish in the Unruffled Lakes

Fish in the unruffled lakes
   Their swarming colours wear,
   Swans in the winter air
   A white perfection have,
   And the great lion walks
   Through his innocent grove;
   Lion, fish and swan
   Act, and are gone
   Upon Time’s toppling wave.
   We, till shadowed days are done,
   We must weep and sing
   Duty’s conscious wrong,
   The Devil in the clock,
   The goodness carefully worn
   For atonement or for luck;
   We must lose our loves,
   On each beast and bird that moves
   Turn an envious look.
   Sighs for folly done and said
   Twist our narrow days,
   But I must bless, I must praise
   That you, my swan, who have
   All gifts that to the swan
   Impulsive Nature gave,
   The majesty and pride,
   Last night should add
   Your voluntary love.
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