Spells and Incantations

A vague pearl, a wan pearl
You showed me once; I peered through far—gone winters
Until my mind was fog—bound in that gem.
Blue diamonds, cold diamonds
You shook before me, so that out of them
Glittered and glowed vast diamond dawns of spring.
Tiger—eyed rubies, wrathful rubies
You rolled. I watched their hot hearts fling
Flames from each glaring summer of my life.
Quiet amber, mellow amber
You lifted; and behold the whole air rife
With evening, and the auburn autumn cloud.
But pale skin, your pearl skin
Show this to me, and I shall have surprise
Of every snow—lit dawn before it break.
But clear eyes, your fresh eyes
Open; that I may laugh, and lightly take
All air of early April in one hour.
But brown curls, O shadow me with curls,
Full of September mist, half—gleam, half—glower,
And I shall roam warm nights in lands far south.

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