Christopher Robin
    Had wheezles
    And sneezles,
    They bundled him
    His bed.
    They gave him what goes
    With a cold in the nose,
    And some more for a cold
    In the head.
    They wondered
    If wheezles
    Could turn
    Into measles,
    If sneezles
    Would turn
    Into mumps;
    The examined his chest
    For a rash,
    and the rest
    Of his body for swellings and lumps.
    They sent for some doctors
    In sneezles
    And wheezles
    To tell them what ought
    To be done.
    All sorts of conditions
    Of famous physicians
    Came hurrying round
    At a run.
    They all made a note
    Of the state of his throat,
    They asked if he suffered from thirst;
    They asked if the sneezles
    Came after the wheezles,
    Or if the first sneezle
    Came first.
    They said, “If you teazle
    A sneezle
    Or wheezle,
    A measle
    May easily grow.
    But humour or pleazle
    The wheezle
    Or sneezle,
    The measle
    Will certainly go.”
    They expounded the reazles
    For sneezles
    And wheezles,
    The manner of measles
    When new.
    They said, “If he freezles
    In draughts and in breezles,
    May even ensue.”
Christopher Robin
Got up in the morning,
The sneezles had vanished away.
And the look in his eye
Seemed to say to the sky,
“Now, how to amuse them today?”
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