We’ve crowned those who will be our downfall
Giving them power to rule us all
This is not what I came here for
I searched for peace but then found war
Power hungry
But never satisfied
Our destiny
Forever slaves to lies
All independence fails
A hostile takeover
Ruled by greed, the false hail
Authority hoarders
Permitted control of the lands
Stealthily giving them demands
All that will be left is chaos
The bold rebellion will not save us
False advertise
Defiling eyes
Severing ties
Bringing demise
We are nothing to them
They are killing the good men
We will all fade away
The world we know will decay

I figured I would take a step forward and address the problem we call political corruption. First off, I would like to establish the fact that I am not trying to create a huge controversial opposition to our government. I am merely addressing the corruption of what could have been a far greater government; the corruption of politics, not politics itself.

In the first verse, I talk about how we've put in charge those who will bring trouble to our country and way of life. It is not what we came here for. We came looking for a new world where we had the freedom of religion. That was our sole purpose of coming here. That purpose has been long forgotten. We are on the brink of worldwide war, just as the scriptures say.

As it says in the pre-chorus, we continuously feed them the power they desire, even though they can never truly be satisfied. We will eventually along the line become slaves to an even more restricted and controlling government, again, as the bible foretells.

In the chorus, I am basically pointing out the fact that these corrupted politics are "hoarding" their granted authority, in a sense. In other words, they are collecting up their authority and power and keeping it hidden among them, using that authority to pretty much do what they desire.

The second verse talks about how we unknowingly grant the corrupted the power they need to take control of us, carrying out deeds that are chaotic to society and culture. Though there are many Americans that believe they can step up and stand against the government in rebellion, in the end it will all be in vain. The scriptures also say to not rebel against those with authority over you, including the government.

Finally, in the bridge, it talks about how the corrupt are killing off the "good men". By this I mean us believers in Christ. Now I don't mean killing in a physical sense, though it will become that way soon enough. I mean it in a sense of light persecution. I don't want to be misunderstood when I call it "good men" because we are no different than any other non-believer (see Indifference). The corrupt will continue to attempt to rid the world of Christianity and at the same time tear down what once was a godly and free country.

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about 7 years

Very nice poem :) but I do want to point out one thing. I understand you said that "good men" you meant Christians but didn't want to be misunderstood for we are the same as everyone else. The only true "good man" was Jesus for He was perfect. He had no faults unlike us. I just wanted to make that point for others. :)

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