Bury Me Alive

You’re such a slippery little devil
Slithering all around my soul
Corrupting it with harmless evil
The walls cave in as you try to pull
Throw me in
Pile the dirt up
Caving in
On all my trust
I won’t let go of the hope inside
I won’t let your hate bury me alive
I will make it through the doubt and fright
I won’t follow you if it means I’ll die
You’ll never take me alive
You can’t bury me alive
My my, you’re a tricky little angel
Playing your devious mind games
You’re becoming more than I can handle
A darkened heart that can’t be tamed
You’re so eager to dig my grave
And send me to the land of bones
Your tricks are getting old and lame
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
Let me go
To dig through the dust
You should know
That your plan’s a bust

This one is pretty straight forward. It's pretty much just acknowledgment that I can be weak in faith and morality at times and that the devil will do whatever it takes to bring me down. It's basically a statement saying that I will not give into the devil and his temptations.

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