We have rejected the mark
And we have broken the laws
We have neglected the dark
And we have defied them raw
We can’t gather together
None of us can buy or sell
We can’t speak without traitors
They’ve made life a living Hell
It’s all we are to them
Now we all
Will face our bloody end
You just can’t wait to give the order
Off with their heads
We want them dead
They don’t care what we said
The beastly king has power
To create and mold the lines
To rule us with simple words
And control our hearts and minds
This is your capital punishment
This is what all the followers will get
Now kneel down and rest your tired head
And submit to the blade smothered in red

This may seem like a morbid poem...and it is. But the thing is, it's actually all truth. This poem is about extreme persecution and martyrdom. I wish I could explain the meaning more in-depth, but I don't want to create fear within my readers, even though what is in this poem is absolute truth. If you have any questions regarding this poem, I will gladly answer them via email, but email only.

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