What can you do when worry takes over?
What do you do when shame devours you?
The fear of speaking with no one hearing
Without even getting through to a single ear
I am striving just to be heard
Can anyone even hear my words?
Don’t be afraid to vent your mind
Better to speak then to run out of time
Even if no one can hear your voice
At least you made the choice to try
And even if someone hears what you say
There’s no promise that they will change today
But just because they may not take interest
Doesn’t mean you should just drop this and quit
Speak loud, shout out to the world
Devout, you can make a change
Stand up as our time grows old
Reach out to those in danger
Smite fear with all your strength
And press on to save the day

This is an older one and is an encouragement to stand up for what you believe in wholeheartedly.

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