The toll of war
Delusioned gore
Fighting mercilessly
Endless killing
Once consumed by the fight
Lust for more until you die
This war has turned me
To a bloodthirsty beast
Many will fall
As I stand tall
The love of the game
Will become my grave
Don’t believe that this is what I wanted
Don’t believe that I wanted them dead
I never wanted to take part in the war
Now I will suffer due to the force
What have I done?
What does it matter if I’ve won?
I can’t live with myself, the shame
Knowing that I’ve quelled their flame
Not a second of sleep today
I will weep as I reflect
All my regrets
As the trauma eats me away
What was the point?
But I never really had a choice
How can I apologize
When there’s no one else alive?
All alone with all my regrets...
The trauma of my choices will lay me to rest

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