I cannot put into words
How much I regret my ways
You are the one I denied
All because of my pride
Enduring so much torture
Standing fast for grace
It makes me wonder
Could I even look at your face?
You gave me life
And I took yours
You wanted love
I never noticed it before
It should have been me
Hung on a lifeless tree
You could have been free
But instead you redeemed
I am so ashamed by this
Betrayed with just one kiss
You were taken to the skull
The sacrifice paid in full
Surely, you were innocent
I realize I must now repent

This is an older one that was inspired by As I Lay Dying's song Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier.

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Azur White
over 5 years

Thank you for the kind words, imrogue!! :)
I'm glad my poems are reaching my readers! It's very encouraging! ^_^ I'm no preacher, to be honest :P but I do find joy in the fact that my writings are touching people the way they've touched you, which again, is a huge encouragement! Thank you as well! :)

over 5 years

I truly am enjoying your poems the more I read them. I Love it! I am a Christian but never really sat down to really have a soul-searching moment until now... I heard preachers preach but somewhat felt they say things what most people want to hear or expected of them to say. But reading your poems is different because you talked about your own faith and you are not pushing the issue... of course to some, posting them might be such but this is your "song" and I am just lucky to hear them. Thanks for sharing!P.S. I never thought I would like a band that played the kind of music As I Lay Dying did....until I listened to the meaning of the song....again, thanks for sharing...

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