You all think you’ve got it so bad right now
Your pain can’t compare to the Hell below
Pride is your remedy
The bleeding is your escape
It’s not your destiny
Not your sacrifice to make
Cutting yourself to pieces before you can truly heal
Cut away
Bleed out
Self decay
Cut away
Bleed out
Endless pain
You’re not worthy of this self-infliction
You’re no God, no being of salvation
Giving yourself some pain
Just to be rid of pain
A never ending circle
The enemy is yourself

This one addresses the problem of self harm, or cutting, and how it is just useless, illogical, and just a blatant insult to Jesus and how he had his flesh torn and ripped apart, or "cut", just so we could be saved from eternal death. It is also an insult to God as he is the creator of the cutter's body.
With this poem I hope to bring the readers to understanding about this insult and endless circle of pain.
They give themselves pain to get rid of pain, and what do they end up with? More pain. Its a never ending circle and it is pointless to keep doing it.
No pain or burden any human will carry will ever compare to the weight of the world that Jesus carried. It is an insult to give ourselves pain like Jesus had. We are not Gods.

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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

It's our duty to stay as healthy as we can. Since God gave us our perfect bodies it is up to us to try and stay that way.

over 5 years

I was a cutter and now the scars are deep pits of guilt and regret.
But they're also reminders of what Christ saved me from. And they're silent witnesses to how ineffective cutting is whenever I am tempted to cut again.

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