You’re hiding what you’ve been feeling
It seems like no one cares what’s going on
Just one person to listen is all you’re needing
But until then the pain goes on
No matter who you are
No matter what you’ve done
No matter how far it is you’ve gone...
Jesus loves you
So much fear of falling, you don’t want to fail
You don’t want them to see the weakness
You just stand up, act tough, pretend to prevail
I’m telling you... nothing wrong with meekness
He’s out there waiting
Listening for a cry
Just when you need it
He’ll be at your side
You’re not too difficult
You’re never too lowly
No matter what your weakness
He will set you free
Jesus loves you

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Charlotte B. Williams
plus de 6 ans

Beautiful, and so true. John 3;16 . Enjoyed this keep writing.

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