What does it matter what I say or the way that I say it?
I could just stand and curse and rave
But what difference would it make?
Focused on technicality
Misunderstanding my meaning
You’re not the one that wrote these words
Not even sure it’s truth you heard
Just shut your mouth and listen now
You can’t interpret this without...
My own heart knows what I truly mean to you
Your weak sight cannot show it’s what you deem true
You can’t tell me what I’m saying is true or false
You can believe what you want
I won’t care at all
Only I know what I mean
Clearly you’ve no heart to heed
You can’t interpret this without a true heart that is devout

I wanted to make this one both straight forward and cryptic at the same time. I like the idea of cryptic lyrics. I write my lyrics in such a way as to coax the reader to possibly search deeper for the meaning of the writings. Most people nowadays just interpret songs to be what they believe it should be or what they believe is right or true. Fact is, only the writer knows the true meanings of the lyrics, and no one else should be able to change that.

In some of my lyrics I've used words like "hell" and variations of the word "damn." To a lot of people, these are considered strong language. I never intend to use strong language in my lyrics. Usually when I use the word "hell", I mean it in a sense of the real actual place, Hell. To damn or be damned means to be banished or exiled. But my point is, what does it matter what sort of language I use when I write? If I'm getting my point made without confusion and with the right intentions, then it really does not matter how you word your writings. I could curse all I want in these poems, but in the end, until I explain the true meaning, only I myself will know my true meaning behind the writings.

A lot of people only focus on the first thing they see, or in this case, the first thing they read. They only focus on what they are able to interpret the words as, completely misunderstanding what they were truly written for. Thing is, they are not the ones that wrote the words. They cannot truly interpret what the writer means by his/her words.

People can believe what they wish about the lyrics I write. Whether they interpret it as true or false, righteous or unrighteous, I will not care. Because in my heart I know exactly what I as the writer mean by what I wrote.

Never allow anyone to damage you if/when they criticize your writings. Only YOU know what your true meaning is and no one can take that away from you.

It doesn't matter how pure of heart you are. It's where your heart is and what you believe in that matters. I believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and I place my heart with Him. I will continue to write about my faith and struggles as a believer in Christ.

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