I take a moment to realize
That the end is near and I...
I feel a sense of loneliness
But I can’t seem to find...
That special someone You’ve chosen for me
Oh how I wish You would let me see...
But if the earth ends today
I’ve got one prayer to say
Even if we never meet
She should know I’m hers to keep
And I know she’s still somewhere
So please, God, make her aware
If I could have anything
There’s just one small thing
Let her know I’m here for her
No matter how near or far
I know our time is short these days
And there’s so much more to say
If I had the chance to speak to you
I would tell you I love you
No matter who or where you are
If we never knew each other
Even if we weren’t truly far...
I want her to know that I love her

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about 6 years

I really like this one.

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