keep blowing

you blow my heart into the midnight summer sky
        I watch it fly
        fly high with the fireflies paying tag creating sparkling lights
that can  light up a sky or shine bright like a sparkle in a child’s eye .
smiling i look across to see your eyes sparkle like as if they were winking at me...
my stomach drops i start to walk close to you not realizing I’m on my toes practically floating....
                                       the fireflies dance above us
                               I reach out waiting for your hand, and you glide yours into my palm
sending chills down my spine to my toes, now we dance and the fireflies circle us making it feel as if we are floating way up high.
          My breath feels as if the wind took in right from my mouth
          your site stops me and leaves me in a trancing gaze.
        your eyes are like a trance to my soul.
        your skin upon me feels like silk.
                  the moon behind me shines bright on your face leaving me forever in a gaze................


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