Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all the readers of my poems

Christmas Eve Move
It was a year ago on Christmas Eve,
For my flat I had to leave.
Going to live in a bungalow,
Its Christmas time but no snow.
So we loaded all the boxes into the van,
That was part of the moving plan.
A ten mile trip to Keighley town we had to go,
To drop off all the boxes in the rain not snow.
When we arrived we had some help unloading,
All the boxes out of the van without any moaning.
We had them all unloaded as quick as a flash,
It was Christmas Eve we had to dash.
So we got back to the flat to pick up sofas,
Then peddle to the metal we had to motor.
We arrived really quickly did’nt seem long,
All the stuff out of the van and then it was gone.
My bungalow is filled with boxes seems a lot too,
So we put them in the bedroom and plenty more things to do.
With no space in my bedroom what can I do?
I will sleep on a sofa bed in cosey the living room with a view.
So we hung curtains and then made a brew.
Laid the living room carpet the colour was blue.
We got the both sofas into the room
Then the other furniture we did it quite soon.
Its was time for tea because it was getting quite late,
We had worked all day and it was starting to look great.
The living room was already to sit in the work was done,
Had something to eat at my friends house we chatted and had fun.
Christmas Eve night I am walking on my way home,
And there was a lady she was walking on her own.
Walking a dog looking as happy as she could be
She said merry Christmas when she walked past me.
I replied merry Christmas and happy new year
Carried on walking my house was near.
I arrived at home with Christmas in my head
Needed a Christmas tree or my Christmas was dead
So I looked in the bedroom through the boxes I climbed
Until I came to the Christmas tree box got it now I don’t mind.
The Christmas tree up and fully decorated I’m tired and quite frustrated
So its time for bed had a very busy Christmas eve
Got here now in Keighley town for Christmas day
and I am never going to leave.
© Copyright 2014 Allan Robinson


Last Christmas eve I moved into my new home it was bedlam but I got here in the end one year down the line and I am writing this poem. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all the readers of my poems

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